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Blockchain, Open Education & Digital Citizenship

The two-day conference runs 28-29 May, 2019 with pre-conference workshops held on 27 May.

The pre-conference will be dedicated to workshops, some in French and some in English. Please note that you can send the organisers your proposal for a workshop during this first day, without any supplemental fees. Registration for the pre-conference workshops are open to everyone but subject to prior notification via the regular Registration form.

The two-days conference will then be hold only in English.

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Thematic Areas


Blockchain vs Internet

The first keynote comprises a panel discussion of three people from various backgrounds, with a common interest in blockchain technologies: participating in the re-invention of the worldwide web.


Certifying Diploma, Skills and Competences

The blockchain technology is seen as the perfect tool to certify any learning outcome, allowing to re-find their original copy at any stage in life. Therefore, blockchain represents an opportunity in cross-recognition of diploma and supplement of diploma within the Bologna process facilitating the mobility of student and globally, the modernisation of higher education.

From European Blockchain Partnership to Europass, several European and governmental initiatives will be presented.


Decentralising Education

This focus aims to explain the links between blockchain, skills and competences. Beyond certification of competences in lifelong learning, some key aspects of the blockchain technology include disintermediation, (dis)trust and peer-to-peer technology. The development of open badges is a considered as one the most interesting extension of those ideas in education sciences, focusing on extra-curricula recognition of people’s skills.


Digital Citizenship

One recurrent subject of the Blockchain projects is the question of sovereign digital identity and Authentication of citizens within a digitized world. This includes the respect and empowerment over their privacy, compliant with the RGPD but possibly also, their “tokenisation”, but also the distribution of their data.


Open Education

This session focuses on Blockchain & Education. However, our call for papers aims to discover new initiatives in this area of “blockchain and openness”, as most of “blockchains” are well-known for being open-source. Discover other links between blockchain and the other existing branches of the “open” family (open source, open gov, open data, etc.) will allow a follow-up of the Open Education Leadership Summit led on 3rd-4th December 2018 in Paris.

Eric Bruillard is in charge of the reading committee.


Research in informatics

Pierre Boulet is in charge of the reading committee.


Research in Law

Juliette Sénéchal is in charge of the reading committee.


Research in Politics (policies, governance)

Tim Bansemer is in charge of the reading committee.