The aim of this conference is to provide participants with an independent, informed overview of the application of blockchain technologies in education contexts.

The conference will engage with ongoing concerns relating to blockchain technology such as sustainability, energy costs, open standards, and the various merits of public vs private or consortium blockchains.

Operating in this complex context, educational institutions feel deeply the need for a global commitment of public services, associations and private companies in fostering the education of digital citizens.

This conference aims to facilitate a better understanding of how educational innovation may improve lifelong learning pathways that integrate personal interests, peer relationships and achievement in academic, civic, or career-relevant areas.

There is also a need for a better recognition of teachers and students’ involvement in the non-daily projects.

The development of digital citizenship requires also a certified identity, at European and world level. Beyond the educational context, the implication of universities allows this conference to be the meeting point for researchers in various disciplines, in particular informatics and law.

Organising Team

Perrine de Coëtlogon: Chargée de mission Blockchain & Education. Email: perrine.de-coetlogon@univ-lille.fr.
Barbara Gabriele: Administration & Finance, Directorate for Pedagogy. Email: barbara.gabriele@univ-lille.fr.

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